Milestones Toward Our
Scientific Vision

What We Have Accomplished

Based on our conducted research and studies [Our Research], we have achieved the following goals that lead to understanding the hidden potential of this exceptional field of study and to the foundation of the “Euphoria Research” company:

  • Establishment of a revolutionary academic field of study on the effects of alcohol consumption on the Dopaminergic neurons and neural pathways and how these influence mood and sensation.
  • Development of novel alcoholic beverages with significantly enhanced uplifting effects and reduced alcoholic contents

Foreseen Milestones for the Nearby Future

We at “Euphoria Research” company will continue studying the pathway in which our “Euphoria” Formula activates the Dopaminergic pathways both in the cellular and biomolecular levels, in particular the regulation of neurotransmitter Dopamine synthesis, release, uptake and degradation.

Furthermore, we are in the prosses of extending our research and studies to additional accompanying fields, such as the importance and impact of other neurotransmitters to the effects of alcohol and the development of methods to reduce and eliminate the dangers and harms associated with alcohol consumption.
Future research is set to obtain the following goals, among many others:

  • Applicable novel academic data regarding the Dopaminergic pathways and the metabolism of Dopamine.
  • Development of novel alcoholic products with reduced risk of addiction.
  • Development of additional products and technologies to revolutionize the existing fields of social health, medicine and alcoholic consumerism.